FASHION + HOME (textile)
210 New PANTONE Colors
for fashion and home design, now available in cotton and paper formats.

The PANTONE Fashion + Home Color System features 2,310 trend-driven shades for your creative inspiration, color selection and accurate communication in fashion, textile and home.

Provides you with off-the-shelf color standards with a robust palette of relevant, market-driven colors on cotton, nylon, plastic and paper. Paired with cotton dye formulations and spectral data, as well as ready availability in over 80 countries, Pantone helps you to stay on the cutting edge of color.


Color Specifier and Guide Set

New eco-friendly PANTONE Color Formulas – now in an easier-to-use and store format! The new edition of the Color Specifi er and Guide Set presents 2,310 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, now using more Earth-friendly ingredients.



Color Guide
Designed to show the appearance of color on product, the Color Guide illustrates all 2,310 of the Fashion, Home & Interiors colors as a lacquer coating on paper.



Cotton Passport
Compact, portable book displaying all 2,310 colors arranged by color family in a user-friendly accordion format. Convenient for the office or travel. Includes 210 New Colors.



Cotton Planner
2,310 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors on 5/8” x 5/8” chips is a convenient desktop reference. The ideal color locator for quick color decisions. Includes 210 New Colors.

Outlooks shift. Attitudes transform.

Pantone, the universal leader in color for over 50 years, is enhancing our palette with 210 new shades to give designers a greater range of color expression.

Our expansive new collection of shades provides designers with the most sought-after hues for today and tomorrow, and features:

• Organic tones emanating from nature
• Vibrant brights spanning all color families
• Many complex hues displaying greater color intensity
• Rich, earthy and burnt mineral tones
• An assortment of nuanced neutrals, pastels and softer mid-tones
• Subdued and smoky variations of popular colors

Illustrating the past. Reading the future. Stay on the cutting edge of color selection with PANTONE FASHION + HOME, the living language of color.